Monday, April 2, 2012

Episode 17: Meet Whiskey!

I feel a little ridiculous even podcasting this week, as I have almost nothing to show or talk about. But, I wanted to say hello and introduce you to my new pup! Please note- I am changing this podcast from weekly to bi-weekly for now. It may change back, especially this summer when I am on school vacation, but for now, I just don't have enough content for a weekly show. Thanks for understanding!


  1. Hi Emily,
    nice to watch you again.
    Whiskey looks cutexxx
    This is your podcast, and you decide on the frequency. Do what pleases you.
    take care,

  2. Hi Emily,
    Your podcast is one of my faces, but now that you have a beagle, what?! I mean what else could I want in a podcast? :) Whiskey is adorable and I can tell he's such a sweet soul. I look forward to your podcast, knitting updates and more Whiskey.
    All the best...

  3. Oh, I must say that the sound is quite bad. I do not think about others and what they are hearing... but I have to put volume to maximum, but again I have difficulties to understand you. Yes, my mother tongue is not english, but I don't have this problem in other postcast. Perhaps you should try to talk more loudly and directly into the camera. Best wishes !

  4. Hey Emily,
    No worries on the podcast timing thang. As long as you have said what is going on, then everyone knows what to expect. Not all podcast must be created equal. I think I will love yours no matter what. What I have liked about yours is that it is content rich. Even the latest one was nice and to the point. No matter if it was brief. It is what you have right now. It is actually encouraging. I hope to make a podcast someday, maybe when I have more time this summer, and its great to know that we can all just share what we have, when we have it, in this format. It is a wonderful tool for us to use as we need. So thanks for the update. The knitting and spinning is always there for you.

  5. Your dog is so cute, he seems very quite ;-) Usually I'm not a dog person, but this dog, he seems like such a sweetheart! No worries for the podcast! So hard to even keep up-to-date myself in reading and listening blogs and podcasts... Enjoy life and podcast whenever you want to! Happy Easter!

  6. I wish I had a dog like that. He's small so he looks like a puppy. We don't mind if you don't have new things to talk about. We love to hear from you.