Monday, July 2, 2012

Episode 26: I Want to Live at SSK

Episode 26: Monday, July 2 SSK recap Whatcha Finish? nada Whatcha makin? Umaro by Jared Flood in Berrco Vintage DK held tripled (doubled wasnt thick enough) Monkey socks in Into the Whirled club Manchester sock in Fierce and Flawless Striped scarf with Loop batt and Valley Yarns Sheffield in Oat- size 8 needles Whatcha spinning? Into the Whirled Polwarth Silk batt in The Bird Girl colorway- split in half and 2 plying to keep colors contest for Tosh DK in Cousteau nail polish: Essie “Master Plan”


  1. Emily!

    You are not alone! Knitters are everywhere.

    I am seriously jealous of your SSK experience, I should find the time and money to go next year, is it for sure happening next year?

    Molly : )

  2. Hi Emily,
    I just watched your podcast!
    Really adore you. You are so cute.
    Never ever change the way you podcast. That is just what I like about. It makes it feels right at home. As you are setting next to us! Just love that.
    I really hope that I can save money to come to the SSK next year.
    Next Saturday I have my own small knitting event and there will be probably 10 to 15 people. Hope the weather will cooperate so that we can sit outside.

    Loved all the yarn that you can now call yours!
    You cannot have enough isolation, you know.


  3. Just wonderful! So glad I took the time to visit. Love , love, love the haul you made. Great stuff and thanks for sharing the sense of fun and friendship that can exist even between online relationships.

    Enjoyed it all!