Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vanilla Bean Striping Socks- Free Pattern


I created this pattern while knitting a(nother) pair of plain vanilla socks in self-striping yarn. I wanted something a little different but equally mindless, and this technique fit the bill.

This pattern is really more of a recipe- it assumes that you have experience knitting socks, and does not have instructions for any particular toe or heel. It is written for toe up socks on two circulars, but could easily be modified for top down and/or magic loop. Any weight of self-striping yarn will work, if you adjust your stitch count and needle size. 

Yarn: Self-striping yarn with enough yardage for socks. Sample sock knit in Knitterly Things Vesper, in the Holiday Blitz colorway
Optional: Coordinating yarn of the same weight for toe, heel, and cuff (Sample uses Tempted Good Grrl in Dreamy)

Needles: Whatever gives you the right gauge for socks with your chosen yarn (Sample is knit on two US 1 (2.25mm) 24” circular needles)


Using the coordinating color, cast on and knit a toe. I like the Seam Free Rounded Toe by Lynne Ashton.

Switch to main color, starting at the beginning of a stripe. Knit in stockinette until you reach the beginning of the next color. 

Knit until the color change. Begin a slip 1, knit one repeat until the end of the stitches on that needle.  This will now be the instep needle.  On the second needle, knit plain- this is your sole needle. On the instep needle, finish the S1, K1 pattern until you reach the first stitch that you slipped on the previous round. Knit plain on both needles until you reach the next color change.
When you get to the next stripe, you will repeat the S1, K1 pattern, making sure that the slip stitches line up with the slip stitches from the previous stripe. 

Use your favorite heel.  I knit a short row heel in a coordinating color, but you may prefer to do an afterthought heel to preserve the striping pattern.

Leg: Using main color, continue knitting in stockinette until the next color change. Complete one full round of the slip 1, knit 1 pattern (on both the front and back needles.  Continue this at every new stripe until 1 inch past your heel.

Increase row: K1, M1, knit to last stitch, M1, K1.  Repeat on second needle. (4 stitches increased)
Continue knitting leg until you reach desired length. Knit 2 inches of ribbing and bind off loosely. 

See the pattern page on Ravelry here.


  1. These look awesome!


  2. Love them, casting on a pair of my own right now!
    Hope Frankenstorm isn't hitting you too hard!
    It was great seeing you at Rhinebeck.