Monday, November 5, 2012

Episode 43: A Wee Sweater Break

Whatcha Finish?
Aidez cardigan by Cirilia Rose- size 10 needles, Cascade Eco #8049
Honey headband: Shalimar Yarn Breathless in Wisteria, held doubled, size 7 needles, 86 stitches

Whatcha Makin?
Slouchy Copy Cat Hat by Terra Jamieson- ripping out, re-casting on with wider band
xmas socks: Lollipop Yarns FaLaLaLaLa, size 0s (2.0mm), toe up afterthought heel socks

Beatnik KAL officially starting on November 20th-January 10th


  1. Hi Emily,
    First happy Podiversary!!
    In your podcast you talked about (maybe) not having enough yarn for the whole.
    I am knitting on a sweater for my youngest daughter and as she is not living at home because of school she is not home to measure the arms and the body.
    So what I did is I casted on with a provisional crochet cast on. I do it a bit different as I have seen and it is very easy and handy to do when you do not know if you have enough yarn or if you still have not decided how to do the edges.
    I am planning on podcasting today and will talk about the sweater I am knitting. So if you did not already cast on you can watch on my podcast how I do it.
    Love your podcasts as allways.