Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Episode 77: Breaking Out the Sweaters

I made a big mistake! I said that the designer of Wrapped in Color (the e-book that is a giveaway prize) was designed by Deborah Robson, when in fact it was written by Deborah Tomasello. I am SO sorry for the error!
Whatcha Finish?
Roz socks for Kyle!
Seaweed Sock done

Whatcha Makin?
Lady Marple sweater by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne, tosh vintage in Dr. Zhivago’s Sky, size 8 needles.

Whatcha Get?
Berroco Vintage for the Hiro
Berroco Blackstone Tweed for Willamette (30% off!)

Giveaway: Deborah Tomasello’s Colorwork book- one more week!

knitting in the circle with Looped :-)


  1. I totally agree that the Hiro will be best in the green and blues. If you do decide to go with the orange, I think the navy-green combination looked best :)

  2. I think it was the three/one ribbing that makes it flare so much. I have noticed when I use three/one ribbing it flares out alot even on a top down sock.