Thursday, April 10, 2014

Episode 102: A Failed Prize Drawing and a Broken Beagle

Whatcha Finish?

plain vanilla socks- Vesper Across the Universe, size 0 and 1. Fish Lips Kiss heel by Sox Therapist-  

Whatcha Makin?

Citron by Hillary Smith Callais-  handspun Loop batt in Black Cherry, size 6 needles. cut out some of the lightest pink

Vanilla Bean socks in Vesper Verbena (overdyed in a diluted black), 68 stitches on size 0

Oldest Anything KAL- April and May with Deep Blue Renegade podcast
Rocks and Strings Creations I forgot to mention the coupon code!  Enter WHATCHA15 for 15% off!

New stuff:  
Hobbledehoy Viola battlings BFL/nylon in Patchwork

Three Waters Farm giveaway:  winner is posted here if you want to check!


  1. Emily,

    I am so sorry to hear about dear Whiskey. I, like so many others, am very fond of him and wish him and you both all the best with this.

    Also wanted to tell you I ordered a Russian Rainbow skein after seeing yours. Can't wait to get it.

    Sounds like you're a busy lady the next few months; hope you have some time to knit and stay in touch.

    Dianne (knitsublime)

  2. All good wishes to Whiskey, the poor chap. Fingers crossed he's back to full health soon.

  3. Keeping Whiskey in my prayers that he makes a full recovery soon. He's adorable!