Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Episode 103: Worst Podcaster Ever

Whatcha Finish?
Citron-  handspun Loop batt in Black Cherry. added in more black yarn at the end, changed ruffle edging to be less ruffly (instead of KFB every stitch, I did K1, KFB…)

Whatcha Makin?
Setzer Welted Cowl by Jared Flood-  Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Plume, size 8 needles, going back and forth to avoid purling
Vanilla Bean socks in Vesper Verbena (overdyed in a diluted black)

Whatcha Spinning?
Finished singles of Fiber Optic SW Merino/Silk Vineyard. Will do a 3 ply when I buy a 4th bobbin
Sweet Georgia Merino/Silk in Stillwater

Oldest Anything KAL- April and May with Deep Blue Renegade podcast
prize from Rocks and Strings Creations- coupon code WHATCHA15 gets you 15% off your purchase of $25 or more

New stuff:  
Knit Picks Hawthorne samples
Plucky Trusty in Old Copper
Gale’s Art Wonder Sock in Graffiti and Asphalt

Three Waters Farm giveaway winner: LilCreativeNest


  1. Happy to hear that Whiskey is getting better. I loved the colors of your scarf. Hope that the apartment manager continues to work with you on the move.

  2. You are absolutely not the worse podcaster ever. You're so entertaining and I always feel that we having a conversation. What? You don't talk back to podcasters that you watch? I hope that Whiskey is getting better and continues to do so.