Saturday, January 7, 2012

Episode 7: 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! 

No finished three weeks! Lame.
Whatcha making?

Garter Striped Scarf by Erika Knight
Size 7 needles, cast on 290 stitches and knit each ball until half their weight for the first three stripes
Knit Picks Gloss DK in Robot, Clover, and Fedora
(I also mentioned a past FO: Habitat Hat by Jared Flood in Malabrigo worsted, Olive colorway)

Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
US size 11  (8.0 mm) needles, size 43, but size 48 around armpits 
Madelinetosh Vintage in Antler (worsted weight superwash merino, plied)
working on the collar- ripped it out and picked up more stitches this time. Size 9 needles for ribbing.

Ampersand Socks by Kirsten Kapur for SSK Knitalong
Fibernymph Dye Works Fruit Loops colorway on Bounce base
size 1 (2.25 mm) needles
Chiaogoo Red Lace Needles
Afterthought heel
Deadline coming up on January 15! Might not make it...

Whatcha Plannin?
Olearia by Georgie Hallam for baby niece (yarn choice TBD)


  1. lol! you looked so scared when your phone rang. you didnt look so keen on the yarn diet thing. dont do it if you dont want to. im definitely not doing a yarn diet this year.

    1. Nah, I don't think my stash is that bad! No diet for me...but I do want to knit more socks with the gorgeous socks yarns I got in 2011.

  2. Hi Emily,
    Your are a technology person so maybe you will know what's going on. Occasionally, especially with close up but not exclusively, the image gets a lot of big blocks of black pixels. It can last up to about 30 seconds, though usually not that long. It happens with other video podcasts, not just yours. It might be happening just on my computer. Just wondered if you have seen this too. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Natalie,
      Thanks for bringing that up. If it happens on more than just my podcast, I'm guessing it has to do with your internet speed. You might have better luck subscribing to podcasts through itunes, and downloading the episodes as they are posted. That way, you won't be streaming the video using your internet connection, you will have it saved right on your computer.
      But, this is just my best guess.

      Thanks for watching!

    2. Cool Emily,
      Yeah, I figured it is internet speed, but it works great on my boyfriends computer using the same internet connection. So Now I am pretty sure its processor speed or video card ability or some such hardware thing. But I'll try the download. That is a great idea.

      Love love love the podcast. Yours has inspired me to maybe make one. It is so great to see so many knitting projects. No offense, but I was sorta glad to hear you tore out your cardigan collar because it helped me with a similar cast on issue with some felted slippers I was working on. So thanks for messing up (and being willing to admit it online)!

      Keep up the fun stuff,

  3. Hi Emily, nice to watch you again.
    belated felicitations.

  4. OK, I'm really a fan of your podcast now! ;-) You really making me laugh with your comments! Still laughing the end of this podcast! Good luck with your socks! Deadlines are tough! It's a pair of socks, if you really knit a lot, you can make it! Have a great weekend!